The most basic policy, Roadside Assistance whether from the AA, the RAC or Green Flag, does exactly what it says it does – gets someone out to see your car wherever you breakdown in the UK (unless you’re at home or within 1/4 a mile of home – then you need Home Start cover – but they won’t leave you there if they can’t!

With roadside assistance cover, if they can’t mend the problem (and 80% of the time they can) then you’ll get a tow to the nearest approved garage. You usually get abtou one hours free labour time with roadside assistance, but it is a very basic cover just to see you okay when you are out and about.

Why not take a look at our comparison chart for the best roadside assistance cover :

Basic Car Breakdown Cover
 Roadside  Vehicle
 No claims
 Avg. response
green flag breakdown cover c.39 Vehicle From
aa car breakdown cover 40 Person From
rac car breakdown cover 40 Vehicle From
¹  Vehicle recovery means towing your car to a garage
²  ‘Person’ cover means if you’re in a car that breaksdown, the car is covered

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