European Breakdown Cover

For driving abroad, European breakdown cover and roadside recovery insurance should be a given. Whenever you have a vehicle breakdown, it’s stressful. Add in the factor of being abroad and you can imagine that it is even more stressful – especially if you are not fluent, it’s hot and you have two screaming children. So although not the cheapest, European breakdown cover could be worth it’s money in gold!

Basic Car Breakdown Cover
 Roadside  Vehicle
 No callout
 Avg. response
 Price  Amount of Cover
green flag euro plus < 39 Vehicle From
90 Days

The RAC recently reported that it costs close to £1,200 to repatriate just a car from the French Riviera. So how much would it cost if you were in Greece or South of Italy?

If you buy the right European breakdown cover you can be reassured that the company will arrange for your car to be fixed at the roadside, or towed to the nearest garage.

With the big companies having a a complete network across Europe, make sure your European Breakdown cover includes English-speaking telephone support and one that’s 24-hours a day too. If you look closely, the AA and RAC will arrange for you to be picked up and returned to the UK.

You can also choose the type of policy, from just one day through to seven days, or an annual policy if you do a lot more travelling :