The Green Insurance Company Breakdown Cover

The Green Insurance Company offers the same benefits as other top car insurance companies for breakdowns with the added benefit of being eco-friendly. What does eco-friendly mean in relation to car insurance? The first thing it means is that any policy-holder with a policy in force for 12 months will get one tonne of their annual CO2 emissions offset. The Green Insurance Company will plant the number of trees needed to absorb one tonne of the policy-holders CO2 car emissions.

The company’s aim is to make any breakdown as painless as possible for its customers. There are four basic levels of cover, and more options are available. The standard breakdown cover includes their commitment to reach you quickly. This is achieved by over 5,000 qualified mechanics nationwide that are available 24 hours a day every day. The average callout time is 40 minutes anywhere in the UK and they guarantee 10 pounds cash back if the mechanic does not reach you within one hour.

To maintain their green reputation, they offset the carbon emissions of the recovery vehicles that are used.

The four levels of coverage include:

1. Green Assist
2. Green Assist Recovery Basic
3. Green Assist Recovery
4. Green Assist Euro Recovery

Each of the four levels of coverage consists of roadside repairs and recovery of your vehicle. They also include taking any passengers to a destination within a radius of 20 miles.

The top three levels (2,3,4) include recovery of your vehicle as well as taking any passengers to their intended destination.

The top two levels (3,4) include home start and the top level (4) includes European Cover for trips to Europe that last up to 31 days for a maximum of 60 days per year.

Additional coverage includes Personal Cover where you are covered when you are a passenger or driver in any vehicle for which you are insured to drive. Another additional cover is Key Cover. This means if your car keys are stolen or lost, you may claim up to 1,500 pounds for replacements.

The Green Insurance Company is doing all it can to reduce its impact on the environment. Everyone who purchases car insurance from them also reduces their carbon footprint. They make it easy for customers by giving:

• A courtesy car with comprehensive cover
• Up to 18 per cent discount for purchasing online
• Legal expense and foreign travel options
• Friendly and efficient customer service

This is just the beginning of the eco-friendly credentials of the Green Insurance Company. The employees are trained in environmental protection awareness, they recycle 99 per cent of their office waste and only use 100 per cent recycled paper. Their carbon footprint is calculated by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management and they offset 100 per cent of their carbon emissions.