Direct Line Breakdown Cover

Choosing to purchase breakdown coverage is one of the smartest things any driver can do, not only to protect his vehicle, but to protect himself. Breakdown coverage is a specific type of insurance coverage which protects drivers who find themselves stranded on the road with a broken down vehicle. And because being stuck in the middle of nowhere without assistance available is the worst nightmare of most drivers, breakdown coverage also offers peace of mind when on the road. Though breakdown coverage is a smart purchase, wise drivers also know it is best to shop around for the best service and value; and with Direct Line breakdown cover, drivers can know they are getting the best.

Direct Line offers breakdown cover to drivers through their partnership with Green flag motoring assistance. With this company, drivers are offered five levels of breakdown coverage to choose from, ensuring that all drivers get exactly the coverage they need and nothing they do not. Their basic Rescue plan offers the assurance of roadside assistance, your vehicle towed to the nearest garage, absolutely no mileage or call-out charges, as well as a messaging service to communicate with family and friends. One tier up is Rescue Plus, which offers all of these services, plus breakdown coverage at the driver’s home in case of problems there. Similarly, the Recovery plan offers the same coverage as the Rescue plan, to which is added the benefit of transporting the driver and vehicle to their choice of destinations.

With the next two options, there benefits which are not available with the more basic plans. Recovery Plus is a plan which offers all the benefits of the Recovery plan, plus the driver’s choice of additional options. A driver can choose to hire a vehicle for a twenty-four hour period; be paid the cost of alternate transport to complete a journey; or be given B&B accommodations where the repairs are being carried out. The plan at the top of the tier, Euro Plus, offers all of the previously mentioned coverage options as well as coverage in Europe, making it great for any driver who travels abroad.

Direct Line doesn’t only offer these great breakdown coverage options; the company itself offers more to drivers than many other breakdown coverage companies. First, breakdown coverage with Direct Line begins one quarter mile from the driver’s home, a much more comprehensive coverage than other companies whose coverage begins at one mile from the home. Direct Line also offers a great response time, averaging thirty-nine minutes to respond to customer calls. And with discounts for paying online as well as households covering two or more vehicles, the potential for savings is great.

When it comes to protection, Direct Line offers one of the best services on the market for breakdown coverage.