Britannia Rescue Breakdown Cover

Britannia Rescue is one of the foremost names in breakdown coverage in the UK. For drivers looking to protect both themselves and their vehicles while on the road, Britannia Rescue offers among the best coverage options and service available. Breakdown coverage, which offers assistance and protection in the event of a vehicle breakdown while on the road, is one of the wisest investments any driver can make. And with Britannia Rescue, every driver can know they are getting the best breakdown coverage available.

In 2011, Britannia Rescue was voted second of fifteen in a Driver Power survey of the major UK breakdown coverage companies; the companies were rated on value for the money, friendliness, presentation and overall service. The fact that Britannia Rescue scored so high with customers, along with their unusually high satisfaction rate that tops both Green Flag and the AA, tells drivers that this company is among the very best at what it does. And when it comes to protecting a driver and a vehicle, only the best will do.

Britannia Rescue’s most basic Roadside Assistance plan is the one most drivers will turn to when in need of coverage. This plan, starting at £29, offers roadside assistance beginning at one quarter mile from the home; no call out charges; and a message relay service to get in contact with family and friends. Their Roadside and Home Assist service, beginning at £55, offers the same coverage and services, but covers vehicle beginning at the driver’s home rather than on the road. With both of these services, the covered vehicle can be towed to a local garage or anywhere within ten miles of the breakdown.

A step up from these plans are the UK Recovery plan, which begins at a cost of £65. This plan offers all the benefits of the Roadside Assist plan, with two major added bonuses. First, recovery extends to anywhere in the UK; second, this plan offers the security of a relief driver. In the event that the driver becomes ill or injured, and is unable to continue on a journey, Britannia Rescue will get the vehicle, driver and up to seven passengers safety to their destination.

UK Recovery and Home Assist is a step up from even this plan, and is significantly more comprehensive. This plan offers the same coverage as the UK Recovery plan with three major differences. First, coverage begins at the driver’s home; second, this coverage will pay for a hire car, alternate transportation or overnight accommodation in the event of lengthy repairs; lastly, this plan will also cover the cost of a rail journey for a driver to collect a repaired vehicle.

The most comprehensive plan offered by Britannia Rescue is the UK and European Assist plan, starting at £130, which offers all of the coverage of the previous plan on the tier, but with coverage extending throughout Europe.