ASDA Breakdown Cover

ASDA offers UK motorists three breakdown cover schemes that are designed to help motorists recover from breakdowns. These schemes include a basic roadside scheme, a comprehensive national breakdown scheme and a European cover scheme.

Here is a quick overview of the services and benefits provided by these breakdown schemes that can help you choose an ASDA breakdown cover scheme that suits your needs.

–The basic roadside scheme is ASDA’s bog standard breakdown cover scheme.

ASDA’s basic roadside breakdown cover scheme provides basic roadside assistance and free call out services to policyholders. The roadside assistance services provided by this scheme include basic repair services and towing services to any destination within 5 kilometres of a breakdown site. Policyholders may use this scheme to cover cars and caravans that break down in the UK.

–ASDA’S Full UK Breakdown Cover scheme offers motorists more options.

ASDA’s Full UK Breakdown Cover scheme provides all of the same benefits that the basic roadside scheme offers plus several additional benefits. These benefits can be used anywhere in the UK to recover from a breakdown.

Here is a brief overview of these extra benefits offered by ASDA’s Full UK Breakdown Cover scheme.

–ASDA offers Full UK & Northern Ireland recovery services.

This benefit provides transport for up to seven passengers who are stranded after a breakdown. Motorists may use this benefit if no suitable repair facility can be located in a timely manner.

–Moreover, ASDA offers house call services.

This benefit provides call out services for people who can’t start their cars at their homes. Motorists who use this benefit receive a visit from one of ASDA’s technicians to jump-start their cars.

–Policyholders can use the firm’s relief driver services to help an ill motorist return home.

This service offers assistance to motorists who have become ill after a breakdown. Users of this service receive a ride home from one of ASDA’s trained motorists if it is determined that the driver is unable to continue driving after a breakdown.

–Some policyholders use the firm’s emergency travel services.

These services help motorists whose vehicles can’t be repaired the same day after a breakdown. They include an emergency car hire service that allows stranded motorists to hire a car to continue their journey. Other services include an overnight accommodation scheme that allows motorists to stay at a hotel whilst waiting for their vehicles to be repaired.

–Policyholders can also use ASDA’s onward travel recovery service.

This service provides a safe ride home to motorists who are travelling back to their homes along with their vehicles.

–Finally, motorists who travel throughout Europe can choose a European Break Down Cover scheme.

This scheme provides all the benefits offered by ASDA’s Full UK Breakdown Cover scheme and a 24-hour call out service that can help stranded motorists find nearby petrol stations, stores and ATMs.

As you can see, ASDA offers several breakdown cover schemes that offer motorists a variety of benefits. As a result, please ask an ASDA auto insurance representative for current pricing information and other additional details.