Van Breakdown Cover

If your van is something you rely on to get yourself or your family members from one place to the next, it is important to have a resource to turn to if it ever stops working. Similarly, if your van is an element of your livelihood, such as if it’s the core part of a home business or a requirement for your job, then you don’t have any time to waste trying to repair it on the side of the motorway. Here is a guide to the various kinds of services and levels of cover that breakdown cover companies in the UK are likely to provide.

First of all, there are two basic types of insurance policy types available for vans in the UK: vehicle cover and personal cover. Vehicle cover means that any vehicles you insure will have insurance coverage no matter who drives them. In most cases, multiple vans can be covered under the same policy but all vans will need to be registered at a shared address. Larger vans, such as those that weigh more than 3 or 4 tonnes may result in higher premiums, as may older vans. European cover or other extras may not always be added to vehicle cover policies.

Personal cover is the other kind of insurance policy available for vans in the UK. With personal cover, a named person is insured rather than the van itself. The named person may be the passenger or the driver. Different kinds of personal cover policies are available, including single cover, where you are the only one covered, joint cover, where you and another named member are covered, and family cover, where you and four or fewer other members with whom you live are covered.

There are a range of breakdown cover options available for vans, including roadside assistance, full recovery, at home, onward travel, repair insurance, payment protection cover, accident cover, and European cover. Many of these options are similar with slight differences, so the predominant forms will be described in further detail below.

The most straightforward kind of breakdown cover is roadside assistance. With roadside assistance, a mechanic will be called to come to your aid and help you either fix your van or transport your van to the closest garage. The costs of labour for repairing your van or for transporting your van to the closest garage will be covered in most instances, but the cost of transporting you our your passengers to the garage, if necessary, typically will not be covered, nor will the costs of parts or labour the garage charge or the parts that the mechanic uses at the roadside.

At home breakdown cover is similar to roadside assistance but unlike roadside assistance, you will still receive cover if your breakdown occurs while you are at home or reasonably close (typically half a kilometre) from your registered address. Full recovery breakdown cover includes the costs for bringing your van to a garage of your choice or to your home, as well as the fees for transporting yourself and passengers to the garage along with your van.

Onward travel essentially provides for you if your van can’t be fixed at the roadside, and may offer services such as emergency accommodation, medical assistance, car hire, or alternative transport costs. European cover, finally, increases the span of your coverage to the continent of Europe and the islands offshore.