Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

One of the largest costs involved with keeping a vehicle on the road is often the cost of insuring it, and motorcycle insurance cover is no exception to the rule. No matter whether you are looking to cover your classic ride or the newest thing on two wheels to roll out of the factory, you will probably be interested in obtaining the best mixture between good cover and affordability that you can find. This article will provide an overview of the services and different levels of cover offered by the typical UK breakdown cover companies to help guide your search for the right kind and amount of cover.

In most cases, the level of cover you have will determine how much you will need to pay in monthly or annual premiums. For example, if you are interested in having insurance that will protect you from just about anything that could happen to you while you are riding your motorcycle, you can expect to pay significantly more than you would for insurance that only provided the minimum level of cover.

If you are interested in saving money, as a result, and don’t worry too much about what might happen to your bike if you get into an accident, then you might be able to scale back some of the parts of your bike cover, which will lower your premiums. There are three main kinds of motorcycle cover in the UK. From least to most cover, they are third party only, fire theft, and third party, and fully comprehensive cover.

Third party only is the least expensive option for motorcycle insurance cover and is the least you can purchase under the law in the UK. In general, third party only will primarily just pay money toward the repairs of other vehicles or the medical damages of victims involved in accidents where you are found to be at fault. Third party only will also usually cover property damage that occurs due to an accident where you are at fault, such as if you crashed into a house while riding.

However, you will not receive any compensation toward purchasing a new bike if your own bike is stolen or damaged, regardless of who is at fault. While few things are covered by third party only, it can be a useful form of cover if you are insuring a motorcycle that is old or otherwise not worth very much money, or if you currently don’t have the finances necessary to pay for higher cover and are simply interested in staying legal on the motorway.

Third party fire and theft offers slightly more cover and as a result costs slightly more than third party only. This adds protection to your third party only cover in case your bike is either damaged or destroyed in a fire or simply stolen.

Fully comprehensive cover plans offer the most protection for you and your bike, which is why it costs the most money. You are covered in just about all situations, including those where you are found to be at fault.

Breakdown cover is an additional option you can add to many insurance cover plans, and in some cases, it comes standard with fully comprehensive plans. Generally, your motorcycle will be protected from any failures or mechanical faults that occur while you are riding it.

The standard practice in most policies will be to have a mechanic drive over to where your breakdown occurred to repair your motorcycle if possible or recover you and your motorcycle and take you elsewhere if not. You can expand such cover to include your home address or to all of Europe.