Compare breakdown cover

When choosing, compare breakdown cover policies carefully in order to evaluate the different types on offer and what they cover. Most providers will offer similar services, so don’t be put off by different descriptions or terminology.

Car breakdown Cover in the U.K includes;


This will cover your vehicle, if as the title suggests your car breaks down at, or very near your home.

Roadside Assistance:

This is the next level of policy and covers you if you are a certain distance, normally ¼ mile or more from home. This policy covers breaking down at the roadside and most providers will aim to fix as many problems as they can at the scene or offer a tow to a local garage.


This type of policy covers the same benefits as Roadside Assistance, but also offers a single journey either home, to an intended destination or suitable garage for the driver and additional passengers.

Recovery Plus: Although given different names by Breakdown providers this will normally be the most comprehensive policy available in the U.K. Along with all the benefits of the options mentioned above, this policy will normally offer items like a courtesy car, accommodation, or alternative travel arrangements.

You can purchase a policy either for an individual vehicle, no matter who is driving, or for people. This could be on an individual, joint or family basis, and means you can dial for help no matter what vehicle you are a driver/passenger in. These policies all cover people living at the same address.

Many Breakdown providers also offer European cover either as an individual policy or part of other policies. This will cover getting you and your car back to the U.K, breakdown at the roadside, and replacement parts, if they are locally available. This can save many thousands of pounds and help avoid being hit with costly towing and transportation charges.

And finally:

Many Breakdown Companies offer useful little extras with their policies that are well worth having. These include a message service to let friends and family know you have broken down and often no call out charges. Some providers also offer a discount on the following years cover, if you don’t call-out in the current year.

Exclusions can apply to any Breakdown Cover, such as types of vehicles covered, whether livestock will be recovered, or whether the cost of parts will be covered.

A suitable policy, along with regular servicing, and checks of tyres, fuel, lights etc will bring you and your vehicle a long and happy motoring life.