Breakdown cover explained

Although not compulsory like car insurance, car breakdown cover has become an essential policy for many motorists. It’s similar to an insurance policy, and is taken out on a yearly basis to offer protection, should you, or the vehicle you are travelling in breakdown.

Some think that car breakdown cover with today’s technology is pointless as cars become safer and more reliable. The chances are that a proportion of all new cars will break down at some point. Latest figures on The AA website claim they visit a break down every 9 seconds on average, that’s over 3 million a year!

Breakdowns can occur for any number of reasons, ranging from severe weather conditions and accidents, to flat batteries/tyres. Many people also run out of petrol. All of these situations could require the assistance that car breakdown cover can provide, and will be especially prevalent if the car breaks down when you are away from home. This could include when you are abroad or in unfamiliar places.

Companies often have a fleet of experts patrolling the motorways of Britain and/or covering a large part of the country, giving response times within an hour of a callout. On arrival the customer will find fully equipped vans able to fix most minor problems, and servicemen able to arrange other assistance if the problem can’t be fixed. This could include towing to a garage or arranging accommodation for those away from home, or stranded in isolated places.

Breakdowns are an unknown quantity, and this is something many people forget. You don’t know when they will happen or why they will happen, so it is very wise to be prepared, or be prepared to pay! One example scenario would be a car developing a flat tyre. Without car breakdown cover this will cost several hundred pounds to replace.

Policies are available from automobile associations, insurance companies, supermarkets, and once purchased is easily accessed at the dial of a number. Sometimes you might be lucky and be able to solve the problem yourself, but why take the risk when a reasonable amount of money will secure your motoring safety.