Roadside Assistance

In times of need, roadside assistance and car breakdown cover can be your saviour. Sods law says that the one day you urgently need your car, something goes wrong. Whether you choose AA, RAC or Green Flag roadside assistance cover for home or work, on the road or in the garage, the right car breakdown cover could give you peace of mind.

There are obviously various different levels of roadside assistance, from the basic car breakdown cover through to comprehensive home start and breakdown recovery packages designed to get you moving wherever you breakdown and to cover the cost of a car to complete your travel plans or accommodation whilst your car gets repairs. See leading roadside assistance cover plans below :

Basic Car Breakdown Cover
 Roadside  Vehicle
 No claims
 Avg. response
green flag breakdown cover 42 Vehicle From
aa car breakdown cover 40 Person From
rac car breakdown cover 40 Vehicle From
¹  Vehicle recovery means towing your car to a garage
²  ‘Person’ cover means if you’re in a car that breaks down, the car is covered

Important: Compare more than just prices

It’s important to compare more than just price when choosing a Roadside Assistance provider. Yes, you don’t want to pay over the odds for your cover, but you also want to make sure that “cheap” cover doesn’t leave you waiting by the side of the road for hours on end, or for them not be able to fix your car when they do turn up!

For that reason, where the information has been available, we’ve made it possible to compare the average response times and pecentage of cars fixed at the roadside for the major breakdown cover companies, as well as the prices charged:


Cheapest Cover?

£17.80More Info / Join 

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£17.90More Info / Join 

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Average Response Time?

39 minutes
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40 minutesMore Info / Join 

40 minutes
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40 minutes
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40 minutes
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% fixed at the roadside?

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80%More Info / Join 

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70%More Info / Join 

Prevention is better than cure…

A Roadside Assistance policy is great insurance against the unknown, however you shouldn’t just rely on the hard work and expertise of the nation’s patrol men and women – Most of the callouts they receive are to fix problems that could easily have been avoided – putting the wrong fuel in, not keeping tyre pressures at correct levels, not topping up oil levels.

So, if you’d rather not spend hours sat by the M1 with your bonnet up, it’s worth taking a few minutes now to read up on how to keep your car in tip-top condition. We’ve written a number of articles, including: